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      Jiangsu Dongye Roll Co., Ltd. is located at Dong’an, HuangLi Town, WuJin District, Changzhou and is close to the Beijing-Shanghai Railroad, the No. 312 National Highway, NanJing-Shanghai Highway, YanJiang Highway as well as nearby the NanJing LuKou International Airport and the Changzhou International Airport with the convenient traffic condition.

         Our company is a joint-stock cooperative enterprise and the member unit of spare parts center for metallurgy ministry of China.......[more]

Add.: No.126, XingWang Road, Dong'An, HuangLi Town, WuJin District, ChangZhou City,JiangSu Province, P.R. China
P.C. 213155

Contact person: Mr. Tau Chan
Mobile phone: (+86)-13911727078
Tel.: (+86)-519-83731301/83731805
Fax: (+86)-519-83733298

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